How I may not have to shave my hair after all, Part II: Where I fell in love with Kerastase

Hello everyone,

So, after yesterday’s background post (that you can read here) now is the time to tell you more about the Kerastase products that I bought from my hairdresser. Both are from the Chroma range, and I have to say that I am really liking the girly purple packaging (on top of all the good they do to my hair).

Considering how heavily processed (understatement of the year) my hair is, Continue reading

How I may not have to shave my head after all, Part I : The Background

Hello everyone,

I have not uploaded a proper post in a long time, so let me tell you a little story about my hair. Get comfortable, have a cuppa and listen to the story.

I have been growing my hair for a couple of years now. I was a tomboy when I was young, kept short hair all my childhood, teenage years and early adulthood. I then moved to a bob, and the longest I reached was my shoulders. Four years ago, I decided to resist the temptation of cutting it short again, and let it grow instead. My hair is really thin, but I have a lot of it. And I do have an unhealthy addiction to colouring it. Continue reading

A Christmas Gift Idea for the ladies – Pukka Ayurveda’s Organic Skincare Collection

Hello everyone,

It is now December, so in my book the C-word can finally be pronounced. There are three weeks left to Christmas, and although some of you are very organised and have started purchasing their Christmas presents already, for most of us it is something that we leave until the last minute: running in a shopping centre on Christmas Eve trying to find a gift is something that happens to me quite often (quite often being every year, despite me going all “never again” once I bought everything). So if you want to start your buying now, I will give you a couple of ideas this month. Let’s start with a gift idea for the lady in your life who needs a little pick me up.  Continue reading

Rimmel Scandaleyes might just be the very best khol pencils around!

Hello everyone,

For any lady who likes her eye make-up, a nice khol pencil is an essential: you can use it on the waterlines or the lash lines, drawing bold lines or smudging it for an easy smokey look. Together with mascara, it is a product that I find myself reaching for over and over. I have found quite a few that were great over the years, but as it is quite an inexpensive product I tend never to repurchase the same and try new ones instead. And that is what brought me to get two of the new Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Liners Pencils in my paws.

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A bit underwhelmed by Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Hello everyone,

Concealers are the one thing I find myself purchasing over and over. Even when I find one that I quite like, I am still looking for the perfect one: the one that will hide my very dark circles, illuminate my skin and remove the distinct zombie look from my eyes. I do have genetic extremely dark circles (thanks dad) and sunken eyes, which make me look exhausted even after sleeping for ten hours. I do know that there is nothing to be done against the sunken eyes (I think only plastic surgery would be able to change anything), but hiding the darkness that goes with it is the fight I will lead up to my dying breath.  Continue reading

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 is this winter’s Wonder Serum

Hello everyone!

My skin is weird: sensitive but prone to breakouts, dehydrated but not dry, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find products that will give all the moisture it needs without making it look or feel greasy. It is especially important for day time: to be honest I do not mind looking like a shiny grease ball at night when I am at home. With winter definitely on its way here now I found that using a serum under my normal moisturiser does give that extra bit of hydratation that my face needs at the moment, and seems to be preventing the usual flaky patches that I tend to get around my nose and my mouth. Add to that that I am not getting any younger, and that years of laughing (and yes, smoking) have taken their toll on my skin, it was time to step up a gear.  Continue reading

I have found the perfect brow-tician!

Hello everyone,

You might remember the issues I had the last time I got my brows threaded: it was at The Body Shop, and I ended up with a bruised brow bone (you can read about it in more details here). It was too bad, as I was generally happy with how it was done, and found it less painful than I usually do. So when I needed to get my brows done again (let’s just say that if the hair on my head was growing as fast and strong as the ones on my brows, I would be a very happy lady), I went to an old faithful and hoped for the best.  Continue reading

Balmi lipbalm in a ball, gimmicky idea but I like it!

Hello everyone,

A lipbalm in a ball. Absolutely gimmicky, and yes I originally bought it for the novelty factor only. I did justify myself by saying that it was cold and windy outside (which is true), that my lips are really dry and cracked at the moment (also true) and that I did need another lipbalm straight away as I did not have any on me (maybe not that true). When I saw these, I remembered all the noise from the beauty blogging world about the EOS lipbalms: I never tried those, so it was just too good an occasion to try a lipbalm ball to pass!  Continue reading